120 Medium Format Aerochrome - FOR SALE  TO BUY  FOR SALE

Sept 01, 2017


1. Aerochrome Color Infrared Film - 120 format
Date 2011.
Price $50 each

2. Color Infrared Film – CIR 120
This is a different color infrared film in 120 It is not Aerochrome!                                               Date 2010                                                                                                                                        Processing in C-41 only.                                                                                                                          Price $30 each

3, Aerochrome Color Infrared Film - 4x5
Date 2010. I have this in very limited supply.
$15 per sheet. Minimum 20 sheets.                                                                                                             

4. Kodak Aerochrome Color Infrared Film – various small scraps
If you are familiar with bulk film stock and have an interest in some of my small scraps, mini sheets, etc. then let me know and I can give more info.


Kodak Aerochrome Color Infrared Film cut down and rolled to 120 medium format.  The film is discontinued, so this is the last Color Infrared Film to be produced. 

The film can be loaded in very low lighting situations, but MUST be developed in total darkness. This is a standard 120 film roll with paper backing and numbering.  The rolls are shipped in an air-tight, black plastic container. 

A lens filter should be used. I recommend a medium yellow or orange filter, but there are a variety of options.  The nominal film speed is 400 ISO with a #12 Wratten yellow filter on the lens.  As with all infrared films, the actual film speed is relative to the specific situation.



Slide: process E6                                                                                                                                      

Aerochrome is designed for processing in a standard E6 developer, producing a slide.          But if you want a negative instead, the film performs very well when cross-processed in  standard C-41. ______________________________________________________________________


Please Read: 

This is bulk film stock, but has been re-cut. Kodak therefore requires that I sell as second-hand and so there is no warranty on this product. The material is hand cut and rolled in total darkness, so there may be some minor imperfections that will not, however, hinder performance.


MORE INFO: There is no absolute film speed rating for infrared film due to the nature of infrared light and other factors. Most of my examples  were shot using a medium yellow or orange filter in direct sunlight. I would be happy to offer any support or information about my experience with the film, availability, exposure, filters, etc.